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Staging Consultation:
Prior to listing your home Linda will advise you on necessary steps to prepare your home for sale and tell you what to do to stage it yourself. Tips include: home inspection "red flag" items, and aesthetic home repair issues such as carpet removal, floor finishing, painting, window care and landscaping. She will tell you what to do to stage your home using what you have to create appealing lighting, room layout, furniture and accessory placement, and curb appeal.

Color Consultation:
Choosing the right paint colors for interior rooms or a house exterior can be daunting. Painting can cost a lot of money and can impact the overall appeal of your home. Linda will advise you about the latest color trends and help you choose the best colors for each space.

Linda will advise homeowners to do needed repairs and remove excess furniture, books, toys and other clutter not being used for staging in advance of the actual staging day. The HouseDressing design team will relocate furniture, artwork and accessories, to create the most appealing look for each room. They will re-decorate using the homeowner’s furnishings and accessories, and will loan additional items as needed to create a cohesive look throughout. If a space is vacant HouseDressing will rent furniture and accessories and stage using those items.

New Home Staging and Design Services:
Moving into a new space is exciting but often the furniture from the old home no longer fits in the new one. HouseDressing will come to your new home and assess what pieces may need to be replaced; help you choose new furniture, window treatments, and accessories; and set-up rooms and hang artwork.

Shopping Services:
We will do the research, give you your options, and make the purchases at the best prices for furniture, plants, accessories and other needed items for your home.

Staging for Everyday:
Sometimes you just need a change! HouseDressing can give you perspective on your living space and help you see what can be done to improve the flow and the overall appeal of a room. They can help you choose new furniture or redesign without spending a lot of money.

De-cluttering and Packing:
HouseDressing will empty bookcases, closets, attics, basements etc. and have items hauled, donated, and disposed of as well as help you pack to move.

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